Porzingis Shares Some Of The Blame.

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new-york-knicks That difference looks small, but its the difference between being average and worst in the league this season. The Toronto Raptors, are last in the NBA at26.2 percent overall. Porzingis shares some of the blame. The 7-foot-3 forward from Latvia is averaging 7.6 rebounds per game and is grabbing a lower percentage of the teams defensive rebounds (18.4 percent) than a season ago (20.7 percent). To his credit, he does lead all players (minimum 30 minutes per game) in contested shots per game ( 15.1 ). [ Every terrible team has a playoff shot in the NBAs wild Western Conference ] Its all defense , Rose told Al Iannazzone of Newsday. Like I said, and like Ive been saying ever since we were having this problem, if were not stopping anyone, weve got to have the same mentality where theyre going to have a hard time scoring. Instead, the exact opposite is happening.Opponents are shooting from the most-efficient parts of the court (30.6 field-goals per game in the restricted area, second-most in the NBA this season)a majority of the timewithjust17.7 shots per game from mid-range, fifth-lowest in the NBA. As a result, the Knicks have the leagues fifth-worst defensive rating (108.4 points allowed per 100 possessions) this season. Oh, and there are issues on offense too.

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